As a dedicated professional glamour photography studio in Pittsburgh, we are committed to providing you with the finest quality glamour photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime. We offer a variety of packages to accommodate the needs of all clients.

Pageant Portfolio Headshot's start at $499 for 2 hour 2 look session

For Weddings please email for a personalized quotes

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Should you need to cancel your photography session, prints, enlargements, photo albums, or other services and goods, Edwin Shaw Photography will do our best to accommodate. However, please keep in mind the following:

Photography sessions

We understand that events occur outside of your control and the need to reschedule or cancel your photography session may arise arise. We ask that cancellation requests be made in writing (email is fine). A cancellation fee, equal to the retainer paid at the time of booking will be applied.

Prints and other tangible goods

Orders of tangible goods (e.g., prints, photo albums, framed portraits, etc.) are processed instantly and canceling the processing and delivery of tangible goods after ordering is not always possible. We advise any client wishing to cancel a tangible order to call us immediately at (724) 799-3727 and if delivery or processing has not been made, we will issue a full refund. Refunds cannot be made after your order has processed or shipped.

Refund Policy

Due to the unique nature of photographs, photography sessions cannot be refunded and your satisfaction cannot be guaranteed. We encourage customers to be very clear and realistic of their desires and expectations to ensure the highest level of satisfaction from their photography session. Keep in mind that the camera only takes an image of what is already there and won't make you younger, thinner and won't turn your brown eyes blue, so there's some degree of importance in your self worth and informing us if you feel as though you have a 'bad side', dislike certain angles / focal ranges or do not wish a part of your body to be photographed.

Tangible goods are usually processed via a third party fulfillment center. If you receive a tangible good that is defective (misprint, broken, etc), we will have the item replaced or refunded in accordance with the fulfillment center's policy.

Edwin Shaw Photography will only bear responsibility for costs associated with returns due to manufacturer defects, or printing or shipping errors. In such cases, we will, by our discretion, either replace the order in question at no cost to you, or issue a refund to you.